Air Conditioning Servicing Central Coast

Air Conditioning Servicing

We can service ANY air conditioning system on residential or commercial properties across the Central Coast, Hunter, and Newcastle regions.

For a maintenance clean, to diagnose an issue, or to source a replacement part through us, simply get in touch.

Over our years in the industry, we’ve seen a long list of simple issues being overcomplicated – so we are 100% committed to quickly diagnosing and fixing even the slightest issue with air conditioning units as part of our service. When it comes to larger problems – such as overloaded circuit boards and difficult to source parts – we’ve also got you covered.

Regular Maintenance Checks.

Once your air conditioning system is completely installed by us, we provide every customer with the system’s manual, which includes shut down steps and exactly what to do if a fault occurs. If your air conditioning has been installed by Redshift, we will give you the option of signing up to twice yearly maintenance checks, which we can book in advance to keep your system running smoothly. Organising this with us means maintenance checks will become easier and quicker, as we will be familiar with your system. 

Emergency Call Outs.

If you have an emergency callout or issue, we will usually be able to assist anywhere from a few hours to one business day, dependent on the urgency of the issue we diagnose. Please allow for a minimum of 2 hours response time outside of normal business hours for urgent requests.

Does my air conditioning need a service?

It’s important to check if your air conditioning needs a service if it fits any of the following:

  • Noise reduction needed
  • Gas is escaping from the unit
  • Glass fuse has blown
  • air conditioning not hot or cold enough
  • Upgrade needed for older units
  • Circuit board needs replacing

air conditioning Checkups

OPTION 1: Standard Air-Con Checkup

We recommend air conditioning owners get their unit services twice annually. This usually takes around an hour to complete and is the ideal option if your system is not performing properly. This could be for a number of reasons, including grass growing into the unit or internal precision cleaning is needed.

OPTION 2: Custom Air-Con Checkup

We recommend a customised checkup if you haven’t worked with us before and if you suspect your air conditioning system may need replacement parts. This option is ideal for unique situations, such as if there has been damage to the unit, or if it needs extensive testing and fixing.