Fujitsu Installation & Servicing

Serving on the Central Coast & Newcastle

Fujitsu are a leading air conditioning brand
that redshift air conditioning work with

fujitsu air conditionig

Split and ducted Fujitsu units are available 

Redshift Air Conditioning will help you find an efficient and cost-effective system that meets your needs. They are experts in air conditioning, so they’ll take into account room size as well as installation needs before deciding between split systems vs ducted units.

Fujitsu ACs are perfectly suited for your residential and commercial needs all year round

The AC systems from Fujitsu are designed to provide you with the level of comfort your home or business needs, while also standing up against high use levels. These air conditioning products work great in residential settings as well as commercial ones!

When installing your Fujitsu System, we take care of the following:

  • We connect your Fujitsu system to your electrical circuit board
  • We check your main switch board to ensure it can provide power to your new Fujitsu system
  • We can integrate existing solar systems with your new air conditioning system
  • After installation we will follow-up with any adjustments at no extra cost
  • We clean up after ourselves and remove any waste or recycling
  • We have a large inventory of Fujitsu parts making servicing a breeze.

Redshift Air conditioning can provide repair or servicing on your Fujitsu unit

Fujitsu AC Controllers

Remote or wall controllers for your Fujitsu unit

We want you to be able control your AC unit with ease, so we offer a variety of options. Our Fujitsu wall controllers have an easy-to use design and will keep the perfect temperature in any room all year long! 

Their sleek, modern design makes them easy-to use and they have an appealing look that won’t get lost in any living space. Our Remote Control AC units let users adjust settings remotely while sitting on their couch or relaxing elsewhere.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your ideal controllers.


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