Residential Air Conditioning Central Coast

Is your home an oven during summer, or Antarctic during winter?

Control the temperature of your household with a professionally installed air conditioning system designed to fit the space and your lifestyle perfectly.

Redshift Air Conditioning will assess the size of the rooms of your home and the unit you want, to provide their best recommendation for an air conditioning system. Whether you want a ducted or split system, we can source and install ANY brand of air conditioning and link it up to your existing home electrical system.

Making you happy in your Central Coast home is what matters to us.

This means installing a system that delivers the level of comfort you’re after, while also finding a unit with the right features for your lifestyle. Even if you want air conditioning with WiFi connectivity – we’ll sort it!

During installation, we include the following as a standard part of our service:

  • We connect the new air conditioning unit to your electrical circuit board
  • We check your main switch board to ensure it can provide power to your new Air Conditioning System
  • We can integrate existing solar systems with your new air conditioning system
  • After installation we will follow-up with any adjustments at no extra cost
  • We clean up after ourselves and remove any waste or recycling
  • Hassle-free future sourcing of replacement parts
solar panels

Do you have a solar energy system?

In addition to installing air conditioning across the Central Coast, we are also experts in solar installation. If you have an existing solar system on your roof, we can link this to your new air conditioning system. This integrated approach is ideal as it not only avoids overloading your electricity system, but saves you calling out another contractor to take a look at your solar power if anything needs updating.

air conditioner

Our Air Conditioning Assessment

The installation process takes time, we like to get the entire electricity system integrated avoiding any future supply issues. Through our experience, we’ve found this initial attention to detail reduces future maintenance call-outs and ensures the installation is 100% safe and secure.

  1. We come out and measure your space and provide a no-obligation quote
  2. We discuss the size of the system you want for your property
  3. We review the size of the system you actually need for your home (often less than you think!)
  4. We take more extensive measurements of the unit and space and present our recommended solution to you
  5. Once approved, we request a 10% upfront deposit to secure our time, which comes off your final invoice.