Frequently Asked Questions

Air Conditioning Installation: Commonly Asked Questions

The size of the air conditioning unit you choose to have installed at your property will impact the price. This is why we run you through your options with different brands in our initial no-obligation quote.

Do you know the difference between a 20kW system, or a 27kW system? The question of size is important when it comes to air conditioning! Some customers contact us requesting an industrial scale unit that is going to turn their living room into Antarctica, so we always recommend the right sized system for your space. 

A manufacturer’s warranty is standard on the units we install, and on completion of a job we provide our customers a walk through of the manual to explain the operation and features of the system.

This may be one of the first things we address when providing you with a no-obligation quote. We are licensed electrical contractors, so we take a close look at the state and capacity of the property’s existing electric circuit board. Depending on its age and the size of the air conditioning unit you want installed, it may need upgrading.