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Providing Complete Comfort For Your Woy Woy Home

Your home is the one place where you should feel comfortable all year round. But if you live in Woy Woy, you know first-hand just how harsh the weather can be with its blistering hot days and freezing cold winters – not to mention those special occasions where it’s both on the same day!

So having a quality air conditioning system installed in your house is essential.

At Redshift Air Conditioning, our main focus is installing industry-leading air conditioning systems that suit the unique specifications of your home or office in Woy Woy. We do this not only to allow for complete temperature control throughout the year but to increase efficiency and maximise your savings.

When you need an air conditioner, it’s tough to decide which system is right for your home. That’s why our team has taken the time and done extensive research on what system will work best for different properties across all sizes, prices and locations in Woy Woy! Our fully-accredited air conditioning experts take the time to assess your property and recommend the best unit for you.

Whether you are located in Woy Woy or surrounding areas, we’re happy to help with all your air conditioning needs, whether it be an assessment, installation, or just a service. Get in touch with us today by calling 0400 172 350

Integrated Solutions

Our air conditioning experts on the Central Coast provide you with honest advice on the best product for your property and budget based on what is most efficient for the space.

Industry Leading Equipment

We only use products and materials from trusted manufacturers with a proven commitment to safety, reliable warranties and thorough testing for durability in the Central Coast’s harsh environment.

Quality Workmanship Guarantee

We’re fully accredited, licensed and insured air conditioning technicians complete with a compliant certificate to back up everything we do.  We offer you absolute confidence in our workmanship.

Value for Money

To ensure we give you the results you want, we work with your budget and our best recommendations to find the right unit for your property on the Central Coast.

Contact Our Air Conditioning Experts!

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Our Air Conditioning Services In Woy Woy

Residential Air Conditioning

Keep your Woy Woy home at the temperature you desire with a custom air conditioning installation that will save you money and maximise comfort.

Our top priority is your happiness in your home, so we’ll evaluate the rooms and units you want to recommend the best air conditioning system.

We can source and install any brand of ducted or split air conditioner you want and connect it to your home’s existing electrical system.

Commercial Air Conditioning

It can be difficult to work in a hot or cold environment. Not only are you extremely uncomfortable but you are also less likely to be productive as well.

At Redshift Air Conditioning, we can provide commercial air conditioning installation services for businesses of all sizes in Woy Woy.

We are experienced in providing our commercial air conditioning services to small businesses, warehouses and other large facilities and have the systems that will ensure that you are kept at a comfortable temperature all year round

Air Conditioning Service & Repairs

We have experience in providing air conditioning servicing and repairs throughout Woy Woy and surrounding Central Coast areas. Whether you need a small job such as quickly diagnosing and fixing a smaller issue or you have a larger problem such as an overloaded circuit board, with parts that are hard to source, we are here to help.

We can service any air conditioning system on residential or commercial properties across the Central Coast simply get in touch.

At Redshift Air Conditioning, we guarantee our customers:

Air Conditioning FAQs

The size of the air conditioning unit you choose to have installed at your Central Coast property will impact the price. This is why we run you through your options with different brands in our initial no-obligation quote.

Do you know the difference between a 20kW system and a 27kW system? The question of size is important when it comes to air conditioning! Some Central Coast customers contact us requesting an industrial scale unit that is going to turn their living room into Antarctica, so we always recommend the right sized system for your space. 

A manufacturer’s warranty is standard on the units we install, and on completion of a job we provide our customers with a walkthrough of the manual to explain the operation and features of the system.